Watch Shots

I recently bought some cheap watches from China.

They cost between £1.80 and £6 each and that included the postage. I wanted them to use them as test products for some photography.


Blue Moon

Tonight we had a blue moon, so called because it is the fourth moon in any season.

We normally have three full moons per season, i.e. every three months, a blue moon is the fourth occurrence of a full moon in any of those periods.



A few years ago I did Freddie’s headshots when he signed up with an acting agency.

He needed some new shots so his mum brought him over. We did a few inside and then a few in the garden.


Armed Forces Day

The 27th June this year was Armed Forces Day and there was a do on the Broadway in the town centre.

I got there just in time to see the Navy cadet band, and very good they were too.


Evening in Hitchin

The last camera club meeting of the season was an evening out in Hitchin.
Several people who had shown interest in the club at our stand in the Letchworth Festival turned up and joined us.


Bee Macros

I spotted a bee on the patio today. It looked in pretty poor condition.

I have previously given bees sugar water and they have recovered after a little drink. I tried it again with this one and whilst it did have a drink, it was probably too worn out and beyond help.


Visit to the Mach Loop

I’m a member of the Photography Forum, a UK-based forum for like-minded photographers to share and discuss their hobby or profession.

Several of us wanted to go to the Mach Loop in north Wales to shoot the low-flying military aircraft as they trained by flying through the valleys.


Visit to Woburn

My middle daughter is a full-time elephant keeper at Woburn Safari Park during her gap year.

We went on one of her days off for a guided tour and got some special access to baby elephant, Tarli.


Olympus Studio Day

I got a message out of the blue offering a couple of free spaces on an Olympus studio day and a studio between Royston and Cambridge.

Having circulated the details to the camera club, only one member was free to attend so the pair of us spent a Saturday afternoon at the studio.


No Model

We had another studio night at the camera club this evening.

I take my lighting gear and set it up before the meeting and then lead a studio session trying out different lighting setups.


Remembrance Sunday 2014

I like to go to the Remembrance Day Parade in Letchworth if I can.

Unfortunately, there have been several years where the University American football league schedule games. Whilst the always have a two minute silence before kickoff, it’s not the same as being there in person.


Film Shoot: 2

This weekend saw me back with the “Hand it Back” crew filming the last few scenes of the movie.

We started off on the Common for a couple of scenes, then it was over to Director, Robbie’s mum’s house nearby where a couple more scenes were shot.


Film Shoot: 1

This summer I was fortunate enough to be asked to be the stills photographer for an independent short movie being shot in my home town.

Robbie Gibbon is the director of “Hand it Back” and is a creative in the TV & film industry.


On John’s Farm

At the end of the camera club season we had an evening visit to John’s farm.

John has been a member of the camera club for some years now and is a farmer by trade though he has taken more of a back seat in favour of his son running the farm nowadays.


Another Commercial Client

I was pleased to be able to do a photoshoot for another commercial client in Hitchin.

This one was split into two phases; a range of electronic product shots and a selection of staff and machinery on the factory floor.


Caroline & Vincent’s Wedding

I was pleased to be able to photograph the wedding of Caroline & Vincent at the beginning of May.

This was an unusual one for me in that the couple are French and live in France, however, they wanted to have their wedding in the village of Lemsford in Hertfordshire, where Caroline has family.


Self Portraits

I’ve never felt entirely comfortable in front of the camera. And whenever photos are being taken, it’s usually me doing the taking. So those things combined mean there aren’t that many photos of me.


RIAT 2013

The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) is the biggest airshow in the world.

Before I turned to digital photography, aviation was my biggest photographic passion. I’ve spent many weekends at Duxford or Fairford with bags full of rolls of film. My first lens purchase after my first DSLR was a Canon 100-400, purchased in 2005 specifically for airshow photography.


History Live 2013

History Live is the annual living history event run by English Heritage at Kelmarsh Hall in Northamptonshire.

I’ve been a member of English Heritage for over 20 years so I like to attend this event when I can. The event is a fantastic opportunity for photographing hundreds of re-enactors dressed in all kinds of periods from history.


Emma’s Photoshoot

Had a lovely afternoon with Emma, who popped over for a shoot. I’ve shot Emma in her role as a cheerleader at American football games, but it was nice to do a bit of one-to-one with her.


Emily’s Photoshoot

Had a photoshoot with Emily today.

We got some standard shots off using a number of lighting setups, including the new 1.5m octobox. Then we got some police uniforms out and played around with a few props.


Focus on Imaging

I popped up to the annual ‘Focus on Imaging’ show at the NEC in Birmingham today.

I’ve been here for the last few years and usually manage to relieve myself of a few quid. I bought my Elinchrom studio light set from Focus as well as my mount cutter.


Gridiron Girls

Had a great photoshoot with a couple of girls from the Hertfordshire Tornadoes.

We popped over to Hitchin Rugby Club to do a bit of a Strobist lighting shoot with the girls in their gear.