I’ve put this in a separate portfolio from sport because I take such a huge number of American football photos every year.
I’ve shot getting close on 200 games in the last six years and have a total of something over 80,000 shots on my two websites which showcase American football.

I’ve shot all forms of the game, from flag football played by young kids, up to the UK Premier League finals, and everything in between.

I am the team photographer for the Hertfordshire Hurricanes in the winter, and the Hertfordshire (previously Watford) ¬†Cheetahs in the summer. I regularly shoot the female game also and regularly cover the Hertfordshire Tornadoes Women’s team, as well as the GB Lions female international team for whom I shot their first ever game against Sweden and their first 11 on 11 kitted game against Russia.

My American football photos have appeared all over the Internet, in game day programmes, newspapers both national and local. I had several photos featured in a two page spread in one of the NFL World series games at Wembley a couple of years ago.