Sport is about my favourite type of photography.

Although I don’t like soccer, I did hold a licence to shoot professional football for a couple of years. I covered mainly Division Two, then Division One with the occasional premier League or FA Cup game thrown in.

My main focus throughout the year is British American football. There are two leagues; the University league plays from November through to April and the Community Leagues play from April through to September, so I pretty much cover the game all year round.

I also enjoy motorsport and have shot F1 at Silverstone as well as the annual Renault World Series. I shot my first motorcycle racing at Silverstone last a couple of years ago.

In the summer I started shooting cycle racing and am keen to get more into that sport next year.

My main weapon of choice is the excellent – but really expensive – Canon 600mm f4 IS L lens. A beats of a lens but one that delivers first class results.